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      Join Support

      1.International advanced production advantage

      To gather professionals in the industry, set up domestic R&amp;D team, keep up with the market trend, and constantly develop, develop and produce differentiated products;

      2.Focus on brand development and brand influence.

      Honefuju attaches great importance to brand planning and propaganda, stands out in many peer industries, and the products won a variety of certificates in the industry;

      3.Large scale system production base

      Large raw material storehouse, the material reserve is enough, the quantity guarantees at the same time protects the quality;

      4.Train and implement incentive policies

      Systemized training, to guide the professional skills of dealers to improve competitiveness, and to support the outstanding dealers to become stronger and bigger, more professional, large-scale operation, the success of dealers entrepreneurial dream;

      5.Perfect after-sales service system

      Follow the service concept of customer first.
      The professional customer service team provides intimate after-sale service.
      Provide perfect supply service system and order operation process.
      24 hour problem response

      6.Brand image support

      The company gives the right to use the brand, greatly enhance the image of the store advertising and appeal. Store business training manual, supplementary information; implementation of a nationwide integrated promotion strategy, enjoy a national professional brand advantage.

      Join process


      Conditions of joining

      1. legal persons or natural persons with legal qualifications;

      2. Have a good reputation and business reputation in the local, and can abide by the law and the relevant rules and regulations of the company, identify with the corporate culture and business philosophy of the head office;

      3. Understand the building materials home industry, with strong management ability, market promotion ability, good customer service awareness and service ability;

      4. owns 100 square meters or more shops in the mainstream market of urban building materials.

      5. Willing to accept systematic training of various standards of the company. Ability to strictly implement brand standards, agency prices and terminal preferential policies as required by the company.

      6. establish an image store or store according to the regulations.


      Apply for a franchise


      Please fill in the real name and contact information. The professional customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.